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Cleaning Methods

InsideOut window cleaners have the resources and experience to know which window cleaning methods are most suited for your premises.

Reach & Wash pole window cleaning systems

Safe and reliable cleaning systems

  • Cleans up to 66 Feet (6 floors)
  • Cleans windows, UPVC, facades, glass roofs, paneling and cladding
  • Cleans frames and glass at no extra cost
  • Eliminates ladders, cherry pickers and cradles
  • Operators work from the safety of the ground (100% Safe)
  • Environmentally friendly as no chemicals are ever used
  • Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease
  • Maintains privacy and reduced disturbances
  • Saves money

This relatively new method of window cleaning has revolutionised the cleaning industry as the benefits outweigh other cleaning methods by far.

By using 100% pure laboratory graded water, which is then pumped through telescopic poles, we are able to access and clean windows to heights in excess of 65 feet (5-6 floors).

There are no health and safety risks impeding its use in any way, making it by far, the safest and most cost effective window cleaning method with excellent results.

On average, compared to other access methods, we save our clients over 40% of their total window cleaning costs with the use of this safe and reliable system. We highly recommend it to our clients.

We give free demonstrations of the Reach & Wash window cleaning system which is carried out by our regular staff and not a sales representative.

Hydraulic platforms (cherry pickers)

Some buildings can't be cleaned or accessed by using conventional or Reach and Wash window cleaning methods.

A solution to this may be to use a hydraulic platform vehicle or cherry picker, allowing us to clean windows and facades up to a height of 100 feet (9-10 floors).

We have access to a wide range of machines that can tackle any height and suit most budgets.


InsideOut offer an abseiling window cleaning service. All our abseiling staff are fully insured and trained to the highest standards. This offers a cost effective solution to any high rise office or residential building in London, Surrey, Kent or Sussex.


InsideOut regularly use harnesses to clean windows on parts of buildings that are normally deemed unsafe (i.e. raised elevations, ledges or parapets).

Providing eyebolt fixings are in place, we are able to access any windows safely, with no height limitations.

All our staff are highly trained in the use of this equipment.

Before any window cleaning job commences, a full on-site risk assessment is carried out and submitted to the client.


It is not always practical or necessary to use the Reach & Wash system on every window cleaning contract, for example, inside buildings or small shop fronts.

This is why we regularly apply conventional methods of cleaning such as the use of ladders with the traditional bucket and squeegee.

By using our specially designed V-shape ladders we are able to access and clean windows to heights in excess of 35 feet (3 floors) from ground level.

Because of the non marking top, we can position our ladders safety to almost any surface, at any angle, without damaging or marking the surface or facade.

All staff are highly trained and experienced in the use of ladders and have undergone safety courses, by a national recognised training body.

Our clients can be assured that a safe method is being implemented at all times.

Need more information?

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